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Learn more about qualia physic Q701. Review type of item [SKU], Tech Specs and DC cable options.

Product Info

SKU#: 701230SC-12/501;    220 - 240V 50Hz [DC Jack]

SKU#: 701230SL-12/501;     220 - 240V 50Hz [Lemo® connector]

SKU#: 701115SC-12/501;    115V 60Hz [DC Jack]

SKU#: 701115SL-12/501;     115V 60Hz [Lemo® connector]

SKU#: 701T230SC-15/421;   220 - 240V 50Hz [DC Jack]

SKU#: 701T230SL-15/421;     220 - 240V 50Hz [Lemo® connector]

SKU#: 701T115SC-15/421;   115V 60Hz [DC Jack]

SKU#: 701T115SL-15/421;    115V 60Hz [Lemo® connector]

SKU#: 701230SC-19/401;    220 - 240V 50Hz [DC Jack]

SKU#: 701230SL-19/401;     220 - 240V 50Hz [Lemo® connector]

SKU#: 701115SC-19/401;    115V 60Hz [DC Jack]

SKU#: 701115SL-19/401;     115V 60Hz [Lemo® connector]

Mains lead not supplied

DC cable [options]

Tech Specs

Input operating voltage:

DC output:               
Line Regulation:               
Long-Term Stability:        
RMS output noise:  





Power Consumption:          

Construction:                   Temp. Range:                 Overall Dimensions: 

115V/230V AC, 50/60Hz [factory]
15V/4.2A; 19V/4.0A [preset]
+/- 1% max.
0.2% typ.         
10Hz «"f"« 10Khz: 0.0017% 

10Hz «"f"« 10Khz: 0.0012% [T version]
IEC-standard AC mains receptacle

Signal Ground SW - on/off
DC jack, 5.5-2.5mm barrel port [SC serie]

Lemo® connector FGG.0B [SL serie]

80VA Max.
Black / [panel anthracite]
Aluminum Alloy
0˚Cº~40˚Cº [32˚F~104˚F]
50mm [h] x 110mm [w] x 235mm [d]

Tech specs reflect both current and projected information. Everything is subject to change.

T version, designed for Chord Electronics Hugo TT2 DAC


DC cable options

» Low loss fluorocarbon dielectric

» 2 wire braid

» VariStrand copper conductors

SKU#: TAK - SC:      5.5-2.5mm / 5.5-2.5mm DC jack [2 foot]

SKU#: TAK - SL:          Lemo® 0B  / 5.5-2.5mm DC jack [2 foot]

For convenience, the DC cable it can be custom-made specify, length

and device-end termination.

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